• Setsuna - Incense (10-pack)
  • Setsuna - Incense (10-pack)

Setsuna - Incense (10-pack)

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10 Sticks.

A contemporary interpretation of traditional incense that balances thoughtful top notes with classic undertones. An intro to incense

Vanilla: A sandalwood, vanilla blend.

Herbal tea: cedar, chamomile

Sandalwood: Indian and Australian sandalwood

Herbal woods: Hiba Japanese cypress, cedar, a hint of patchouli

Cedar: haida gwaii cedar

20-25 min burn time.

Be present: Please do not burn unattended.

Made in Canada by Setsuna.

Delivery via Canada Post. Local pick-up at Royal Bison May 5-7, or scheduled downtown studio pick-up. Entry fee required for Royal Bison. Contact info@setsunahome.com to schedule pick-ups.