Setsuna offers incense and home products that are thoughtfully designed and carefully created to enhance small, everyday moments.

Setsuna is the transliteration of a Japanese word meaning “a moment; an instant”. Like the practice of incense, the word came to Japan from China with origins in India. The name evokes the momentary experience of incense and acknowledges what inspires us.

In collaboration with Wai-Ling Lennon, The Edmonton Chinatown Multi-Cultural Centre (ECMCC) and artist Niansheng Yang, we bring you a print and incense collection inspired by the Nine Dragon Sons. Net proceeds from the incense collection will be given to the ECMCC and proceeds from print sales go to Magpie Puppet Club.


Our house brand incense is created by hand with a narrow bamboo core and rolled with clean, high quality sandalwood and cedar wood powders, makko wood powder, natural resins, cosmetic grade charcoal, pure essential oils and fragrance elements. The result is a low-smoke, long burning incense with a lingering, yet light fragrance.

Our handcrafted incense cones offer a stronger scent experience, hand processed and formed in our Canadian incense studio.

We also import our favorite incense from Ha Ko, Baieido, HIBI, Tokyo Kodo and Nippon Kodo to complement our core Canadian-made Setsuna collection.

Orders are shipped from our studio in Edmonton, Canada.

Note: please email us at for any product inquiries, stock update questions, wholesale inquiries or product feedback.